July 24, 2024

#BYOD4L 2017 Connecting (Day One)

Yay … We are on Day One of the #BYOD4L and already this morning so far we have had a live Periscope from my lovely colleage Alex Spiers – it was sooo nice to see him in his office and his somewhat ‘slightly grey but lovely all the same’  view out of the window.

Today the theme is Connecting … always a good one to kick things off. I can see already that people are making connections on both Twitter and on the Google+ Community.

It really is just a case of jumping in and saying hello – I remember the first time I got involved and it was quite scary not knowing what to expect but I really do think it was one of the best decisions I made.

I’ve made a quick promo video below for this week using Videoscribe  which is something I’ve not used before ( thanks for the inspiration David Hopkins !)  and will post my thoughts on Connecting later today…


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