April 14, 2024

#BYOD4L Tweet Chat Tuesday (Still fluttering and saying hello …)

I am delighted to say I took part in the tweetchat again this evening with the lovely folks from #BYOD4L …

I have decided to go back to  …. hootsuite this evening although I may be running in and out to catch up on my step count and sort the kids out !

Anyhow … it was worth all the effort and I got to engage with some really great people … I recognised a few people too and it was so lovely seeing all the familiar names popping up on the screen –   it was also fab to get to tweet with some new linked minded souls and this was made all the more exciting by having the joint #byod4lchat #txeduchat twitter chat with the folks from Texas Educator Chat … at the same time.

We were asked to tweet a selfie this evening but I am afraid I didn’t really want to inflict my rather sorry looking state of me wearing my supergirl pyjamas with my scrunched back hair and absolutely no make up ( I’m painting a great picture I know ! ) so here is a piccie of me with a bit of make up on eating a cake … I think this piccie probably sums me up – although this is probably one of the few pictures I have when I am not wearing pink ( …. pink is kind of my colour ) 2014-06-11 15.51.56

So … I’m looking forward to this week – I will try and see if I can make the tweet chats but not quite sure if I will manage them everynight this week but I will certainly try.

In the spirit of the course and in the words from the BYOD4L Blog I am aiming to ‘ be a butterfly’ so I will be fluttering my way around the various communication channels to see which one I want to settle on before making my mind up …I hope to use Google+ a bit more anyway though so I will try and get to grips with that this week in any case.

I’m also hoping that this will give me the chance to be a bit more reflective generally and hopefully I will manage to actually post something on my blog as I am really looking forward to submitting some evidence so I can claim a badge #deblovesbadges Yay … can’t wait 🙂

The folks at BYOD4L have helpfully created a storify of the tweetchat …  I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week starting with tomorrow’s topic CONNECTING

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