September 29, 2023

#BYOD4L Tweet Chat Tuesday (Still fluttering and saying hello …)

I am delighted to say I took part in the tweetchat again this evening with the lovely folks from #BYOD4L … I have decided to go back to  …. hootsuite this evening although I may be running in and out to catch up on my step count and sort the kids out ! Anyhow … it was worth all the effort and I got to engage with some really great people … I recognised a few people too and it was so lovely seeing all the familiar names popping up on the screen –   it was also fab to get to tweet with some new linked minded souls and this was made all the more exciting by having the joint #byod4lchat #txeduchat twitter chat with the folks from Texas Educator Chat … at the same time. We were asked to tweet a selfie this evening but I am afraid I didn’t really want to inflict …

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#BYOD4L Topic 2 : Communicating …. blimey who knew ?

1. Visualising: create a  representation of yourself as a communicator in your private and professional life. What do you notice? Find a free app that would help you with this and share your mindmap via Twitter. (ilo-1) This sounds simple doesn’t it …. mmm well … I started this activity and used to have a go at this … It looked quite chaotic  …apologies as these might not come out that well  … I then tried another tactic and then came up with the second version …. this is a bit clearer but not much … My conclusions are that everything touches everything else in my life and that I probably talk way too much !

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#BYOD4L Topic 1: Connecting and fluttering

Reflections on Monday I had hoped to engage more fully in some of the activities today but my plans were foiled yet again by the unexpected… I did however make quite a few connections with people and also manage to take part in some of Monday’s tweet chat at 8pm which was really interesting. I found it quite challenging to keep up with the hectic pace, although to be fair I was only using my phone to take part and my fingers are less than nimble ! Weirdly I also managed to jump up and down in the living room into slippers in a vain attempt to try to fool my garmin step tracker that I was outside briskly walking at a fair pace and not sitting on my butt … ( and no I still didn’t hit my target … on a mission today though ! ) We won’t mention the blueberry muffin that …

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