May 20, 2024

#BYOD4L Topic 2 : Communicating …. blimey who knew ?

1. Visualising: create a  representation of yourself as a communicator in your private and professional life. What do you notice? Find a free app that would help you with this and share your mindmap via Twitter. (ilo-1)

This sounds simple doesn’t it …. mmm well … I started this activity and used to have a go at this …

Debs attempt at communicating ! Part 1

It looked quite chaotic  …apologies as these might not come out that well  … I then tried another tactic and then came up with the second version …. this is a bit clearer but not much …

My conclusions are that everything touches everything else in my life and that I probably talk way too much !

Debs Second Attempt

2 thoughts on “#BYOD4L Topic 2 : Communicating …. blimey who knew ?

  1. LOL Communicating is good though isn’t it! Thanks for communicating your diagram (and sharing the app that created it) … I was at a bit of a loss about how to tackle this activity!

    1. Cheers Chris – Yes I wasn’t quite sure either – it was an interesting exercise but I have a feeling my visualisation looks rather like my brain feels ! Muddled and all over the place ! 🙂

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