June 16, 2024
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Part Time PhD

I love coming across blog posts that are about the experience of doing Part Time PhDs.

I have just stumbled across the ‘PhD Women’s Group’ Blog ( which looks like a great initiative by the way ) & in turn found an article that immediately caught my eye called ‘Journey of a part time PhD student’ by Liesbeth Tip.

I loved the part where Liesbeth talked about overcoming her ‘irrational fear of doing statistics’ and then eventually going on to teach it ! As someone who absolutely hated statistics when doing my Masters that made me smile. Liesbeth has a lovely writing style that is informative but she keeps it real with funny anecdotes and pertinent insights into life as a part timer.

Popping the link to the blog post here for anyone else who wants to take a look …. I’m also going to go back and take another look at the rest of the blog to see what other gems it has !

The ‘PhD Women’s Group – Scotland’ was created to be a supportive and encouraging network for women who are studying for a PhD in Scotland.

The PhD Women’s Group Blog

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