July 24, 2024

PhD Workflow

I’m always searching for the ideal workflow in terms of my PhD Research. You would think that having been a PhD student for five years I might actually have it sussed by now but sadly not. I have tried to summarise what I actually do but still not convinced any of this is actually effective !

ProductWhat I use it for
EvernoteUseful clips, uploading as ‘brain dump’ from my mobile that I come across that might be helpful. Keeping a copy of my journal in pdf format ( evernote has really good search facility). I have the paid version
NotionI keep changing how I use this. It has a lot of potential but at the moment I have gone back to using this for my main journal and reflective thoughts. My latest cunning plan is to do a weekly journal note and then at the end of the week export a pdf to my Evernote. I did experiment with doing individual daily notes ( I use the term daily loosely as I have been pretty rubbish at daily reflections – hoping that having all the days on the same weekly note will actually shame me into keeping up with it !)
WordPressTracking useful PhD help stuff and eventually will be disseminating my thoughts and findings as I go along. I have other WordPress blogs that I use but have recently set up another new one (this one) specifically for the PhD
ZoteroThis is my favourite reference manager at the moment. I was using menderly but it just got so buggy that it drove me insane and I switched over to zotero.
Click UpI use this to manage my tasks for the PhD ( I use it for other stuff too so it seemed logical to use it for the PhD too) I am currently using the paid for version, mainly because I outgrew the free version
FlipgridI’ve been experimenting with using Flipgrid for quick immediate reflections which I thought might be useful when it comes to reflecting after interviews etc.
InstagramI started a PhD account in an attempt to force myself into a bit of accountability but it is more of a productive procastination attempt if I am brutally honest. I also did the same with tiktok but haven’t done much of that for a while.
SketchnotesI use sketchnotes to make sense of stuff and draw connections etc and also plan to use this to explicate my findings as part of my heuristic inquiry approach.
Google DriveI use this to store all sorts of bits and bobs, mainly as a sort of back up but I have been a bit slack in terms of organising etc. I have also experimented with google sites but that hasn’t really taken off yet.
One DriveI use my personal one drive account to store my word documents etc
Google SheetsI use google sheets for literature review tables and things like gantt charts. I was a strict excel user but actually find the ease of using google sheets much better.
WordI use word for writing as it links easily with zotero for citations etc. I have experimented with using things like Scrivener but I just found that I keep gravitating back to word – comfort in what you are used to I guess.
Current PHD workflow Feb 2022

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