September 29, 2023

Masterclass with Professor Curt Bonk ( Indiana University) 4 July 2014

New Approaches to Enhancing Learning through Technology – a day with Professor Curt Bonk (Indiana University) on how technology continues to change & challenge the way we learn & teach …   Here are my attempts sketch notes from this awesome seminar !   Link to Prof Bonk’s new book¬†  

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The Pedagogy of MOOCs

See on – OER and OEP There is a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, and change happening in today’s education sector. Existing and new education providers are leveraging the Internet, ICT infrastructure, digital content,… Deb Baff‘s insight: Paul Stacey’s blog post here provides really useful ideas for pedagogy in MOOC development See on

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Trinidad / Coursera Online Learning

See on – OER and OEP Coursera, one of the biggest online university course providers, is forming a partnership with the government to provide a network of online learning materials across the Caribbean country. Minister of Tertiary Education, Fazal Karim, said it would raise the skills needed for the country to compete.   Mr Karim said it would open up a “world of opportunity” for Trinidad. Coursera is a major provider of so-called Moocs – massive open online courses – that offer online university courses free. The US-based company now has almost eight million students registered. But this project in Trinidad will be the first time that a Mooc system will have been designed for an entire country, described as a “national knowledge network”.  Deb Baff‘s insight: MOOCs in the Caribbean – a national knowledge network ?  See on

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