July 24, 2024

Past, Present and Future : Time for a new Jar perhaps ?

Debs Past Present and Future Stuff ...
Debs Past Present and Future Stuff …

Hmm, now this was an interesting activity to do !  I decided to try and link it to my professional life …


I searched around the house for a jar but could only find this old one of my mum and dad’s.

As you can see it is absolutely stuffed full of keys … keys that for the life of me I simply do not know what they are for and sadly now no one will ever be able to tell me what they were for … 🙁 anyhow …

I was about to empty the jar to use for this activity but I soon realised that it would be far too small to fit my chosen objects in.  Eg: I was going to pick something from my old job (like the mug) and that would haven’t fitted let alone anything else … BUT … then it struck me … perhaps this Jar itself actually represents my past better than the mug…  maybe this represents that now is time for a NEW jar and that I am being given the keys to whatever door I want to open next ?


I am at a stage in my life where thanks to being made redundant I now have the opportunity to really think about what I want to do with my life.  This is represented by the chair and the fact that at the present time I finally have the opportunity to just ‘ sit and think’ ….


Well the future is represented by the ALT Community (Association for Learning Technology ) sticker  and I chose this mainly to represent the fact that what I would like to do in the future is something related to the area of learning technology 🙂 watch this space … I’m working on it 🙂


oh and the small bottle in the purple bag is full of fairy dust … just because everyone needs a little magic in their lives somewhere 🙂

2 thoughts on “Past, Present and Future : Time for a new Jar perhaps ?

  1. Definately keep the keys. Our new hose came with a box of keys that done really have any history but when I went to throw them in the dresser we’ve had through a couple of house movings I noticed the drawer was full our daughter’s teeth the tooth fairie left behind. It was like a drawer from the Museum of Natural history in there–no vampire baby teeth though so that part of the family history is over…I hope:-)

    What I find strange about redundancy is that most of us made redundant were made so by people who are verging on stale-dated when we ourselves are clearly just getting wound up to blast ahead. Good luck with learning technology, this is an exciting time for the field as it’s turning out to be more complicated than just dumping old content onto an LMS. Always better for a field when it gets more complicated and needs more skills.

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