April 15, 2024

Tidy Up Time


When I was little I was constantly re-organising my bedroom. So much so, in the end my mum decided to get my dad to build me a ‘built in’ wardrobe, desk and bed so that I couldn’t move the furniture around. Hmmm can’t say I was impressed at the time …

I think that has probably stayed with me in terms of blogging ( weirdly … bear with me there is a link honestly ) .. in that I never seem to be happy with my blog ( or blogs)…

This means that every now and again I get fed up and choose a different theme or mess around with my categories and tag n’ things .. this causes me a lot of grief as sometimes I end up making brand new blogs because it seems much easier … then inevitably I find it hard to keep up with everything and end up faffing around so much that I get loads of half written blog posts and wordpress probably hate me.

Anyhow this has all resulted in my reorganising of my main blog with swishy new theme … this blog ( the original one) is the one that has lasted more than the others so I do feel a bit of an afinity with it … I have a horrible feeling though that for any poor souls that might follow me , they might end up with a whole raft of weird notifications and blog posts that will have appeared from nowhere ..

for this I apologise … and I will try to resist the urge to keep tidying up and moving stuff around ..

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