June 16, 2024


Thanks to funding from the amazing folks at GO-GN I have been able to attend OE Global conference this week. I have always wanted to go to this conference but have been unable so this is a great opportunity. I appreciate that others would not have had this opportunity so I hope that by blogging about it that it might be of some interest.

Big Conference : Big Choices

It is a BIG conference, on all week with pretty much what seemed to me like 24 hour sessions with all the various time zones. There has clearly been a LOT of planning and effort behind the scenes to pull it all together. They have paid a great deal of attention to the online networking aspect with an area called OE Global Connect based on Discourse.

I even got to earn badges for doing stuff ( gaining a badge is always a winner if you ask me ).

The sheer amount of choice in the programme was a bit overwhelming though as a participant to be fair. The online programme had a really helpful and clever function to allow you to add your sessions to your own calendar. Now, I’m not sure if it was just me and I did something wrong but this is what my calendar looked like on Monday !

(Just to be clear I wasn’t actually attending ALL of these sessions, it just looks like it from the way it copies across to the calendar. )

(Added bonus of the clever calendar widget-me-bob that it turned my calendar completely pink well yes of course my google calendar is set to pink )

Sadly I never finished this blog post … so unfortunately another casualty of one of my many started but not finished blog posts – have just found this languishing in my drafts box – decided to publish anyhow …

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