May 20, 2024

Giving the draft posts a new home ….

A while back I blogged about all the little homeless blog posts that I had languishing in my drafts box …. I’ve decided to set them free and unleash them … I was inspired to do this by my lovely colleague Chris Jobling who took the time to comment on my blog and then published his own list of drafts that will never get written and also this article by sarkemedia about Drafty Blogs ! The piece …

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Blogging and Reflecting

I always find it difficult to keep up with posting my reflections on the stuff I have been doing. I’m in awe of people like Sue Beckingham and Chrissi Nerantzi who just seem so amazingly productive  … My usual trick is to try to draft something in my blog, then I get side tracked and wander off to do something else and end up closing it down as a draft post. I have all good …

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Yay I found my sketch book …

Was soooo delighted to find my sketch book behind the sofa today with my scribbled notes on the Kerawalla  … Paper on Blogging and Richardson Paper on Student approaches to learning … Piccies here lest I lose it again 🙂 #knewtheyweresomewhere   Also we were asked to reflect on our learner experience of blogging so here is a brief mind map of my initial thoughts about blogging ( a work in progress ! )  

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