A while back I blogged about all the little homeless blog posts that I had languishing in my drafts box …. I’ve decided to set them free and unleash them … I was inspired to do this by my lovely colleague Chris Jobling who took the time […]
I have just found fifteen draft blog posts and various sorry states in my draft box … in my defence there are none from 2017 yet but I still can’t believe there are this many !  They were obviously well intended at the time but I […]
I always find it difficult to keep up with posting my reflections on the stuff I have been doing. I’m in awe of people like Sue Beckingham and Chrissi Nerantzi who just seem so amazingly productive  … My usual trick is to try to draft something […]
Was soooo delighted to find my sketch book behind the sofa today with my scribbled notes on the Kerawalla  … Paper on Blogging and Richardson Paper on Student approaches to learning … Piccies here lest I lose it again 🙂 #knewtheyweresomewhere   Also we were asked to […]