July 24, 2024

Giving the draft posts a new home ….

A while back I blogged about all the little homeless blog posts that I had languishing in my drafts box …. I’ve decided to set them free and unleash them …

I was inspired to do this by my lovely colleague Chris Jobling who took the time to comment on my blog and then published his own list of drafts that will never get written and also this article by sarkemedia about Drafty Blogs !

The piece of advice that they give on the sarkemedia.com site is that …


  • if a draft doesn’t become a post within 90 days it must be deleted

  • If an idea doesn’t have a rough headline it cannot be a draft

  • If an idea isn’t bursting to get onto the page, it’s not ready and shouldn’t be a draft.


I’m not quite sure that this approach will work for me but I hope that my new found empty draft box will inspire me to to clutter it up again ! In the end I only actually deleted three posts as they were either just blanks with titles or they really had no hope of making any sense whatsoever, but with most of them I have simply pressed the publish button!

I had to sort of half close my eyes as I pressed publish as I am still really not quite convinced but have taken the bull by the horns and done it anyway …  its quite liberating actually !



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