November 29, 2023

ALT Assembly Badge Creation and Issue

Ok so I have been working on some badge creation and issuing for work and today we launched our first official badge in recognition of our ALT Assembly Members. I’m still ironing out some teeny problems with sharing the actual image on social media but having tested the WordPress embed here that all seems to be working fine .. so hopefully if you click on this image it should take you to my Open Badge Passport. ALT Assembly Member Association for Learning Technology

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Open Badges in Support of Employability

I went to sunny Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago as I had the pleasure of being invited to talk at the Open University as part of Employability Week. My talk was about Open Digital Badges in relation to what we have been doing at Swansea. My Slides are below and the session was recorded so the link to the recording can be found here. [slideshare id=81986813&doc=debbafffinalouthur2nov-171113144518] Open Digital Badges in Support of Employability from Deborah Baff  

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Deb’s Been Making Badges …

We have used Open Digital Badges for the #SUSALT17 Reaching for Teaching Excellence Learning and Teaching Conference again this year. We have some new designs and a new issuing platform. I did some research in relation to the badges that we used last year and although people liked them, one of the key things that people wanted was a badge image that more accurately reflected what they got it for in the first place. So instead of having just an icon (which is what we had last year), I thought we would go for an image that people were already familiar with and then use the ribbon text to indicate specific badge types. We used this fab image of the microphone from Pixabay ( as found by Mandy ! ) for the branding of our conference ( its CC0 Public Domain by so it seemed logical to go with that …

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#OpenbadgesHE Conference

Ok so it has taken me a little while to finish my blog post on this …. (From Last Month ! ) I’m still in awe of all these brilliant people out there that are sooo organised that they manage to get their blog posts up really quickly  …. Anyhow, I had the best time ever helping to organise the first Open Digital Badges in HE Conference on the 8th March 2016 at the University of Southampton ! Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Along with Fiona Harvey, Teresa Mackinnon, Patrina Law, Jane Roberts , Anne Hole and myself , we formed a committee with a mission to host an Open Digital Badges conference !  I had the absolute pleasure to attend the pre conference dinner the night before where I got to meet some amazing people … lovely food … great company … what an awesome start to the Conference ! #openbadgesHE looking forward to …

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