May 20, 2024

Deb’s Been Making Badges …

We have used Open Digital Badges for the #SUSALT17 Reaching for Teaching Excellence Learning and Teaching Conference again this year. We have some new designs and a new issuing platform.

I did some research in relation to the badges that we used last year and although people liked them, one of the key things that people wanted was a badge image that more accurately reflected what they got it for in the first place. So instead of having just an icon (which is what we had last year), I thought we would go for an image that people were already familiar with and then use the ribbon text to indicate specific badge types.

We used this fab image of the microphone from Pixabay ( as found by Mandy ! ) for the branding of our conference ( its CC0 Public Domain by so it seemed logical to go with that !

Its probably perfectly obvious to people who are really clever and use various design packages or stuff like photo shop etc but to me it was all new , so I had a bit of a moment when I was trying to work out how to get a decent image to show as a full image rather than just a little image in the centre !

With a bit of googling I came across a great blog post that told me how to get a rounded frame and transparent edges onto my image by using Pic Monkey … then with a great tip from the awesome Matt from Digital Me I was pointed towards

That meant I could play around with the various borders / shapes and text ribbons to my hearts content and get my image to fill the shape.

I also used this handy website to check my colours which is simply fab. You can basically just upload an image and click on a particular bit of it and then it magically tells you the code to use! How cool is that ?  I discovered that the goldee looking colour below is #545249 and the black is #020202 ( that will help my ageing memory when I come to make some more ! )

Now,  I have created various badges before but I’ve never been able to get them looking like I want them to look … I think ( I hope) I’m getting there with these…

This is what I came up with originally … I tried to make them similar but different if you see what I mean … I think though having reflected on it that I thought that I would rather them all to be round but to have a slightly different border …


So having played around again this is what I came up with …




I also created a Student Intern badge and decided to use the SALT purple for the ribbon … still not sure about that one though …





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