June 16, 2024
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PhD Working Title

Current Working Title Exploring educators’ lived experiences of social support and the impact on wellbeing in private social network sites: A Heuristic Inquiry Baff 2022 (In progress) Previous Iterations Date Title Sept2020 PhD Proposal Oct 2020 Emotional Support through Open Educational Practices : A Heuristic Inquiry Nov 2020 Emotional Support through Open Educational Practices : Exploring Educator Experiences through Heuristic Inquiry Jan 2022 Exploring educators’ lived experiences of social support and the impact on wellbeing …

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Thanks to funding from the amazing folks at GO-GN I have been able to attend OE Global conference this week. I have always wanted to go to this conference but have been unable so this is a great opportunity. I appreciate that others would not have had this opportunity so I hope that by blogging about it that it might be of some interest. Big Conference : Big Choices It is a BIG conference, on …

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Referencing and Citations

This causes me such a flipping headache. I’ve done both a MA and an MSc and for the MSc dissertation I did all of my referencing manually, rendering me with a completely irrational hatred of full stops and brackets. I discovered Menderley during my MA and fell in love with the idea of a Reference Manager. Fast forward to the PhD Days and I find myself falling out of love with Menderley sadly. Over the …

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Reflective Writing

I find reflective writing really hard. I have been rummaging around for some help and so far have come across these :- Guide from Birmingham Library This is quite helpful, covers various models of reflection including Schon 1983 (Before , During and After) and Gibbs Reflective Cycle 1988 (Describe, Feelings, Evaluation, Analysis, Conclusion and Action Plan) Reflective Writing – Guidance for Students – Jenny Moon University of Exeter Haven’t read this one yet but on …

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Part Time PhD

I love coming across blog posts that are about the experience of doing Part Time PhDs. I have just stumbled across the ‘PhD Women’s Group’ Blog ( which looks like a great initiative by the way ) & in turn found an article that immediately caught my eye called ‘Journey of a part time PhD student’ by Liesbeth Tip. I loved the part where Liesbeth talked about overcoming her ‘irrational fear of doing statistics’ and …

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Ninja Organisation Skills

Wow I came across this amazing blog post from Alan Batt this evening ! Talk about a whole other level of ninja organisation skills … I’m so envious ! I’m not sure I will ever get to this level of cleverness but this does give me some inspiration that I might just manage to get some stuff sorted out ! Really interesting to see that Alan drafts stuff in Scrivener and then moves across into …

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Peer support (taking the penguin pledge)

So a couple of weeks ago some of the folks from GO-GN got together informally for some much needed peer support aka PhD therapy with virtual hugs as I like to call it. We met in response to an open invite from a Gabi who wanted a way of ‘kick starting’ her PhD again. A few of us contributed to a shard google doc to outline how we thought the get together could work and …

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