September 29, 2023
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Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment

I am just revisiting some of the papers that I did for Part One of my PhD and popping them on blog posts. Here is the first one that I did for the Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment module. The collective variation in academic staff experience of using online collaborative technologies and understanding of networked learning practices within a research-led institution in the UK

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Blog / PhD

Emotional Support

One of the main things I am hoping to look at in my research is the whole area around Emotional Support for educators. I want to investigate how educators experience emotional support within their Personal Learning Networks (PLN). My main reason for this is that over the last few years I have gained so much emotional support from my own PLN and I want to see if and how other people have experienced something similar. With everything going on at the moment I think it is such a critical part of well-being.

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The Power of the PLN

The week before last I had a brilliant catch up with some of my wonderful PLN buddies that I speak to on a regular basis. I feel that calling them PLN buddies doesn’t really do it justice as I would now count many of these people as great friends of mine. My little PLN Buddy group has absolutely been the guiding light for me this year especially during the dark days of COVID. Here we are wearing our finest bitmoji outfits … I feel that we all support each other so well and this has become so important to me especially over the last few months. I get so much emotional support through my PLN and it is this very thing that I hope to investigate for my research, as I am convinced I am not alone in experiencing this. It was my turn to ride the emotional coaster with …

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