June 16, 2024

#creative HE Travel Guide Metaphor – Week 1 Connecting

imageHmm,with apologies for the poor drawing skills … 🙂

I think the one that resonates with me most is probably the Travel Guide Metaphor as someone who ‘ assists people along the path of learning’ although for me this does tend to imply that I would have to know where we were going ! I wonder if for me it is more like having access to the map but discussing with others about where we might like to go, which might be a good way to start and giving it a go …

Part 2: Apps (1991, 23-24) talks about different teaching approaches through metaphor which should help you to start thinking about you as a teacher:

  1. “Lamplighters – who see to enlighten their students;
  2. Gardeners – who seek to cultivate the mind by nourishing, enhancing and providing the right climate, whilst they also remove the weeds, and then they stand back and let growth occur;
  3. Muscle builders – who seek to strengthen flabby minds;
  4. Bucket fillers – who pour information into empty containers;
  5. Challengers – who question learners’ assumptions;
  6. Travel guides – who assist people along the path of learning;
  7. Factory supervisors – who supervise both the inputs and the outputs of the process;
  8. Artists – for whom learning is an aesthetic process;
  9. Applied scientists – who seek to apply research results about teaching to their own approach;
  10. Craftspeople – who use a wide variety of skills”

How do you see yourself as a teacher? Briefly explain and comment on at least 2 other posts. Add your responses directly to this page as a comment.

3 thoughts on “#creative HE Travel Guide Metaphor – Week 1 Connecting

  1. Hello Debbie,

    This looks fab!!! And interesting that you picked the travel guide metaphor. What would you do if your students want to go their own path? You used “we” in your narrative which for me shows that you place yourself at the heart of the learning community?

    So wonderful you decided to be with us 😉

    Looking forward to more doodles and exchanges.


    1. Thanks chrissi yes I think I like to think of it that we are all on our own learning journeys each with our own path to follow and that sometimes our paths merge and intertwine with each other 🙂

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