May 24, 2024

H800 Technology Enhanced Learning – Practices and Debates ( and coffee)

Well I’m FINALLY on the FINAL leg of my Masters in Online and Distance Education … FINALLY ( ….there is a long story to tell about the need to study a compulsory module that wasn’t compulsory before , regulations changing etc and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing that I won’t bore you with … except to say that I’m now FINALLY on the last piece of the puzzle and will therefore be studying this last module for the next 32 weeks … )  after that hopefully all being well I should get my Masters … FINALLY YAY 🙂

So as I wait for my student record to catch up with itself and allow me access to the module website,  I am looking forward to the next stage on my journey and wondering what delights await and just how much coffee I will need to drink to keep me awake in the wee small hours  ….answers on a postcard …

Bring it on ….

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