June 16, 2024

MA Online and Distance Education

2015-02-28_1519_OUCareer relevance and employability

‘Workplaces and work roles increasingly involve media-rich and technology-enhanced forms of learning, professional practice and personal development, often summarised in the term ‘elearning’. Accordingly the experience of achieving this master’s degree has proved vocationally relevant across a wide range of occupations and locations, from managers in business organisations, teachers of languages, consultants, trainers and teachers at any level of the education sector. Each module in the MA in Online and Distance Education requires study using a range of tools and learning environments. Consequently you will improve your personal skills in using these tools and this makes a positive impact on your own practice. You will explore in-depth the research and practice literature in technology enhanced learning, and experience the implications of learning technology choices made across a wide range of contexts and organisations, both formal and informal. You will advance not only your skills of selection and design of technology, but also your understanding of how technologies engage learners and how they can be evaluated and developed on a continuing basis.’ http://www.open.ac.uk/postgraduate/qualifications/f10 [Accessed 28 Feb 2015]

Completed Modules

H802 Applications of Information Technology in Open and Distance Education

H817 Openness and Innovation in E-Learning

 Current Module

H800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates

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