May 20, 2024

My new found love for podcasts …

Ok, so I have a really long and boring journey to work ( I do nearly 500 miles a week … boo) and I am always on the look out for things to listen to so that I can pass the time.

Recently I have been listening to a series of Podcasts by the amazing Bonni Stachowiak @bonnie208

Bonni has such an open, warm and friendly style – I just love listening to her and the way she interacts with her guests really makes you feel like they are in the room with you ( or in the car in my case …)

One of the first ones I listened to was the totally inspiring Maha Bali @Bali_Maha and her thoughts about Intercultural Learning

I really enjoyed listening to the conversation between Maha and Bonni – they seem to have a real connection with each other.

(Actually, I had a bit of a Maha Bali week in that same week as I attended  the Go-Gn webinar on The Self as an Open Educational Resource – where I also had the pleasure of connecting with  Suzan Koseoglu @suzanKoseoglu How lucky am I ! )

My lovely little creatures on my desk also proved a hit with Maha !

I’m working my way through the enticing list of podcasts on Bonni’s website … I’m sure I will get through them at some point !

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