Ok well so far in 2015 I am five days in and this is my first post … so that’s my first new years resolution almost forgotten but seemingly saved in the nick of time … #Resolution 1 – Do at least one blog post every week … This is a recycling of last year’s resolution but with a rather ambitious target for me of one for every week rather than at least one every month which is what it sort of turned into in 2014 … notice how I haven’t restricted myself to saying which blog I would be blogging on …

So … in my book the 5th January is going to count as Week 1 … May the ramblings commence …

I am full of cold at the moment although feel finally sooo much better than I did over Christmas. I am feeling very inspired to spend some time on my blog having read lots of really good blog posts recently with really great titles and catchy one liners … where do people find the time and inspiration ?

Its a great mystery to me and one that I am really hoping I get to grips with soon. My rather sad attempt at a catchy one liner is below from OER14 not very awe inspiring or catchy but its the only one I have got so I’m sticking with it… More Resolutions to follow shortly …



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