May 20, 2024

2019 Review

I’m so bad at doing these. Other people seem to get theirs done so quickly. I did manage to sort of do one of these last year and it was definitely  helpful in terms of a reminder of what on earth I actually did across the year, so I thought I would have another go this year.


We had an absolutely brilliant time organising and delivering at #SocmedHE18 Social Media for Learning in Higher Education Conference in Nottingham in January. We were slightly delayed as it normally runs before Christmas but it was still so good ! Seemingly I actually managed to write a short blog post on the train on the way there …

Check out the Programme Here

I also managed to do some scribbles …

My Lovely Friend Sue Beckingham did an excellent summary of #SocmedHE18 and the day’s events on her blog …



March was pretty exciting because the podcast that I did for Teaching in Higher Education with the wonderful Bonni Stachowiak aired …


In April I went to #OER19 Recentering Open: Critical and global perspectives held in Galway. I was thrilled to get funding from the folks at GO-GN

I did remember to write a blog post but it’s not all that helpful really… as it really doesn’t cover the amazing time that I had in any detail. I met some brilliant people and learnt soooo much from folks at the GO-GN Seminar, and there was so much to choose from at the #OER19 conference I was spoilt for choice … I really must do better in terms of writing up stuff at the time that it actually happens …

There is however a great summary of the GO-GN Seminar here




Well July was pretty busy … we finally (after 18 months) moved house at the end of the month …. and I successfully delivered my final ever Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching Annual Conference #SUSALT19 What does learning and teaching look like through a future lens ? ….


Well just because I didn’t have enough going on with moving house at the end of July, I also left my job as Senior Academic Developer at Swansea University …

and I had my first ‘official’ online meeting for my new role as Membership Manager with the Association for Learning Technology





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