May 24, 2024

A virtual presentation at #BETT2017 in a 3D Lecture Theatre using @mirradorltd’s ALiS Online #ALiSOnline

Thanks so much for sharing this Sue ( blimey you are so continually productive … 😉 Just wanted to say that I think this has so much potential. I registered for the ALiS Software and downloaded it to try and participate but seemingly the firewall at work caused some issues and wouldn’t work properly for me. I understand from the guys at Mirador though that this should be fairly easily resolved so hopefully we will be able to make some changes so that I can have a proper play with it. I did however get chance to watch the You Tube streaming live and that was quite good fun too. Your talk was fab as usual and you look as lovely as an Avatar as you are in real life ! Thanks again – Reblogging on my little blog to share 🙂

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