May 20, 2024

MELSIG Sheffield

I was thrilled to be asked to help co-lead a workshop at this year’s MELSIG Event Enhancing Practice with Digital and Social Media – using ‘Toolkit In A Day’ methodology to explore the possibilities and practicalities held at Sheffield Hallum University on the 21st June 2018.

Andrew Middleton, Sue Beckingham, Alex Speirs, Suzanne Faulkner, Graham McElearney,  Chris Rowell and myself made our way to Sheffield (some of us had a ‘slightly’ longer journey than others !) along with about 100 participants who were all keen to engage in some toolkit creation !

The clever idea behind the day was to create an open online toolkit which would be available for anyone to use.  Participants had three different workshops to choose from  comprising of Social Media for Learning, Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes and Digital Media for Flipped and Blended Learning (or FAB for short ! ).  Sue, Suzanne and yours truly had an absolute blast looking after the ‘Social Media for Learning ‘ workshop.

Update : 15 Jan 2020

Yet again another unfinished draft blog post … still some words have gotta be better than none right ?

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